Eagles Trade News: Record-Tying Eight Trades in 2024 NFL Draft

2024 NFL Draft

The Philadelphia Eagles made headlines with their aggressive strategy during the 2024 NFL Draft. Here’s a detailed look at their record-tying eight trades, the strategy behind them, and their implications for the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Philadelphia Eagles tied the NFL record with eight trades during the 2024 Draft, matching the Houston Texans (2023) and New England Patriots (2018).
  • General Manager Howie Roseman aimed to maximize Day 3 by acquiring targeted players and future draft picks, resulting in three extra picks for 2025.
  • Despite the Eagles’ high volume of trades, the NFL overall saw one of the quietest years in terms of trading, with only 28 trades happening across three days.

Roseman’s Strategy Ties Eagles’ NFL Draft Trade Record

General Manager Howie Roseman set a clear objective for Day 3 of the draft: to secure as many targeted prospects as possible while also accumulating future draft capital.

Roseman explained, “To get as many of the guys that we targeted on Day 3 as we possibly can and at the same time see if we can accumulate picks for the future.” The team made five trades on the final day, significantly reshaping their draft landscape.

The Eagles acquired three additional picks for the 2025 draft: a third-, fourth-, and fifth-round pick through separate trades.

This was part of a strategy to prepare for a year in which they felt they were initially short on selections.

Their strategic moves allowed them to finish the day with six players and three future picks, including Clemson standouts Will Shipley and Jeremiah Trotter Jr.

Eagles’ Draft Strategy: Detailed Analysis of Each Trade

Here’s how the trades were made over the three days:

  • Second Round: Traded No. 50, No. 53, and No. 161 to the Commanders for No. 40 (selected Cooper DeJean), No. 78, and No. 152 (selected Ainias Smith).
  • Third Round: No. 78 was traded to the Texans for No. 86 and No. 123, then No. 86 was moved to the 49ers for No. 94 (selected Jaryx Hunt) and No. 132.
  • Fourth Round: Trades included moving No. 120 to the Dolphins for a 2025 third-round pick and No. 123 to the Texans for No. 127 (selected Will Shipley) and a 2025 fifth-round pick. No. 132 and No. 210 were traded to the Lions for No. 164, No. 201, and a 2025 fourth-round pick.
  • Fifth Round: No. 164 and No. 201 were traded to the Colts for No. 155 (selected Jeremiah Trotter Jr.). Another move saw No. 171 traded to the Jets for No. 185 and No. 190 (selected Johnny Wilson and Dylan McMahon).

Eagles’ 2025 Strategy: Balancing Now and Future

The Eagles managed to draft key players and strategically positioned themselves for the future.

They entered Day 3 with seven picks, made four selections, and used the additional trades to stock up for 2025, ending with nine total picks for that year.

These moves reflected a calculated approach to maintaining a strong talent pipeline while balancing current and future team needs.

Roseman summarized his draft strategy as follows: “We know what we’re trying to do here. We know what sounds good and when a trade sounds good. We know what we’re trying to execute.”

While the Eagles were busy making moves, the rest of the NFL had a quieter trade year. Only 28 trades were made over the three days, tied for the fewest in the past eight drafts. This contrast highlights the proactive approach taken by the Eagles under Roseman’s leadership.