Philadelphia Eagles’ Possible Trade of James Bradberry

Philadelphia Eagles

Due to his performance and contract, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry, a veteran defensive back, is a potential trade candidate. Given their need for experienced cornerbacks, the Indianapolis Colts could be a fitting trade partner.Key Takeaways:

  • James Bradberry is a potential trade candidate for the Eagles due to his performance in 2023 and his substantial contract.
  • The Indianapolis Colts could benefit from Bradberry’s experience and skills, making them a logical trade partner.
  • Trading Bradberry post-June 1 could provide financial benefits for the Eagles in future seasons.

James Bradberry’s Future: Rumors & Performance Concerns

James Bradberry, a cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been the focus of trade and cut rumors due to his underwhelming performance in 2023 and his significant contract.Bradberry, a second-team All-Pro in his first season with the Eagles, signed a three-year, $38 million extension last offseason.However, his hefty paycheck and recent performance have made him a likely candidate for the Eagles to unload.

Why the Indianapolis Colts Are Ideal for Bradberry

Bleacher Report’s Matt Holder suggested that the Indianapolis Colts could be in the market for a veteran cornerback like Bradberry.The Colts need a veteran starting option at cornerback, and Bradberry, despite a down year, was a second-team All-Pro in 2022.He fits the profile desired by Colts’ general manager Chris Ballard and defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

Bradberry’s Role as a Veteran Leader in Indianapolis

Bradberry, at 30, remains a solid veteran presence. Adding him to the Colts’ roster would provide another starting option and a mentor for younger players.Currently, the top corners on the Colts’ roster include Kenny Moore, JuJu Brents, and Dallis Flowers.Moore, with 89 starts over seven years, is experienced, but Brents and Flowers together have only 13 starts. Hence, Bradberry’s experience could be invaluable.

Financial Implications of the Trade for Eagles and Colts

Holder also detailed Bradberry’s contract situation. The Eagles would gain approximately $1.2 million in cap space this season with a post-June 1 trade and would enjoy $4.7 million in relief in 2025 and nearly $18 million in 2026.This financial flexibility would benefit the Eagles while they add assets for a player likely to play a smaller role this fall.The Colts, with over $26 million in available cap space, could easily accommodate Bradberry’s $4.3 million cap hit.

Trade vs. Cut: Assessing the Eagles’ Options for Bradberry

Trading Bradberry instead of cutting him would save the Eagles over $1 million in guaranteed salary.By waiting until after June 1 to trade him, they could offload some of his dead money hit in 2025.According to Jimmy Kempski of The Philly Voice, the Eagles would likely be willing to trade Bradberry for minimal compensation if necessary.His durability and previous performance suggest he still has value, making a trade more likely than an outright release.

Analyzing Bradberry’s Performance Trends

In 2022, Bradberry had a standout season with 17 starts, 17 pass breakups, three interceptions, and a defensive touchdown.Opposing quarterbacks had a 54.2 passer rating when targeting him. However, his performance dipped in 2023, with just 13 pass breakups and one interception.Opposing quarterbacks had a 108.6 passer rating against him, and he allowed nine receiving touchdowns.

Colts’ Consideration for Acquiring Bradberry

Given his experience and potential, the Colts might consider Bradberry a valuable addition. His low trade value might make it easier for them to acquire him. A future Day 3 pick could suffice for the Eagles to part with Bradberry.

Potential Trade Benefits for Eagles and Colts

The Philadelphia Eagles may find a willing trade partner in the Indianapolis Colts for James Bradberry.While Bradberry’s performance in 2023 was not up to his usual standards, his experience and past success make him a valuable asset for a team like the Colts.Financially, a trade post-June 1 benefits both teams, providing the Eagles with future cap relief and the Colts with a seasoned cornerback. The coming weeks will reveal if this potential trade materializes.