Jazz Chisholm Jr. Trade: Analysis of Phillies’ Potential Acquisition from Marlins

Bleacher Report suggests that the Philadelphia Phillies are interested in acquiring Jazz Chisholm Jr. from the Miami Marlins. This potential trade arises as the Marlins look to offload their star players by the MLB trade deadline on July 30.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jazz Chisholm Jr. is linked to the Philadelphia Phillies as the Marlins look to trade their stars.
  • Chisholm’s versatility in field positions enhances his trade value, and he has been playing primarily as a center fielder lately.
  • Concerns arise about the trade fitting into the Phillies’ current and future roster plans.

Marlins to Trade Jazz Chisholm Jr. Amid Struggles

A recent article by Bleacher Report reported that the Miami Marlins, who currently have a record of 10-29, one of the worst in MLB, are looking to trade their star players by the July 30 deadline.

Following the trade of Luis Arráez to the San Diego Padres, Jazz Chisholm Jr. is now believed to be the next major player the Marlins are planning to trade.

Chisholm, with a batting line of .236/.314/.400, five home runs, and 20 RBIs in 38 games this season, plus his defensive flexibility, is a coveted asset.

Author Zachary Rymer of Bleacher Report speculates a trade that would have the Phillies send Justin Crawford and Eduardo Tait to the Marlins in exchange for Chisholm.

Chisholm’s Defensive Impact and Fit with Phillies

Chisholm has shown considerable adaptability on the field, having played 164 games at second base, 46 at shortstop, and 133 in center field.

Chisholm has his highest fielding percentage as a center fielder, yet he has saved the most runs when playing at second base.

For the Phillies, Chisholm could potentially replace Johan Rojas, who has been struggling at the plate with a .216/.266/.294 line but excels defensively, accumulating a total of 12 defensive runs saved.

Assessing the Phillies’ Trade Strategy for Chisholm

Despite the potential benefits of acquiring Chisholm, several aspects of the proposed trade raise concerns. The Phillies’ roster is currently strong, with no clear vacancies for new position players via trades.

Trea Turner’s short-term injury does not present a significant gap, as he is expected to return within six weeks.

Moreover, trading away future assets like Tait and Crawford, who are envisioned as key components of the Phillies’ future, might not align with long-term strategic planning.

The existing contracts of Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos, set to expire in the next few offseasons, further complicate roster decisions, potentially crowding the outfield and creating a logjam if Chisholm were added.

If Schwarber and Castellanos do not renew their contracts, this situation would leave Johan Rojas in an uncertain position despite the potential openings.