Update: Suspect dead after police shootout in South Philly

The incident unfolded yesterday on 20th and Snyder Streets.

The following report is from the Philadelphia Police Department:

Last week, during a shootout on 20th and Snyder Streets, a 48-year-old suspect was shot and killed by first district officers, police say.

On Thursday, Aug.9, at 11 a.m., Officers Cucinelli, a one-year veteran assigned to the first district and McMahon, a two-year veteran assigned to the first district, were on duty and in uniform, operating a marked patrol vehicle and patrolling the area of 2000 McKean Street.

The officers observed 48-year-old Charles Meadows riding a bicycle east bound — the wrong direction — on 2000 McKean Street and attempted to stop and investigate the male.

Meadows stopped the bicycle and fled on foot, at which point the Officers Cucinelli and McMahon exited their patrol vehicle and pursued Meadows. Officer Cucinelli, running closest to Meadows, observed the male’s right hand holding an object under his shirt.

Officer Cucinelli drew his firearm and told the male to stop and show his hands. Meadows fell to the ground and dropped a .40 caliber pistol and Officer Cucinelli ordered the male not to touch the weapon.

Meadows allegedly retrieved the firearm and fired the weapon at Officers Cucinelli and McMahon, at which point both Officer Cucinelli discharged seven shots and Officer McMahon discharged 13 shots.

Meadows stood up and ran south on 20th Street while firing at Officers Cucinelli and McMahon. Meadows ran west on Snyder Avenue as Officers McGarvey, an 11-year-veteran assigned to the first district and McKnight, an 11-year-veteran assigned to the first district, who were also on-duty, in uniform and operating a marked patrol vehicle, were traveling east on the 2000 block of Snyder Avenue.

Meadows allegedly pointed his firearm at Officers McGarvey and McKnight, at which point Officer Mcknight discharged seven shots and Officer McGarvey discharged five shots at Meadows, firing through their front windshield.

Meadows sustained gunshot wounds to his groin and arms, fell to the ground and dropped his firearm. Meadows was transported to Presbyterian Hospital by police and was pronounced deceased.

Charles Meadows’ firearm contained six .40 caliber cartridges. Seven .40 caliber fired cartridge casings were collected on 20th Street where Meadows fired his weapon at Officers Cucinelli and McMahon.

This is an ongoing investigation and the above information is subject to change.