Letter to the Editor

Local athlete has bright future

How delightful to read the amazing sports column by Mark Zimmaro about South Philly teenager Gianna Masci, a truly gifted student/athlete (“An athlete, scholar and leader,” March 29).

As Zimmaro reports, Masci is a talented senior honor student at Philadelphia Performing Arts: String Theory Charter School. At this stage in her education, she is making plans for higher learning. After reading the long list of her skills and determination, any college would be very lucky to have her.

Most impressive is Masci’s long list of natural abilities and motivation. She loves science, photography and sports like soccer and softball. Her softball coach especially praises her leadership qualities.

Right now Masci and fellow athletic friends are aiming for a championship softball season.

They are off to a great start. Am grateful to reporter Mark Zimmaro and the Review for covering this great story of such high achievement by a South Philly native. Well done!

Gloria C. Endres