Letter to the Editor

Eating, shopping and fun

What a pleasure to read the report by Mark Zimmaro on the coming outdoor event on East Passyunk Avenue at the end of April (“Flavors on the Avenue returns April 30,” April 12). Am so looking forward to this special event that will close the Avenue to vehicle traffic from Broad to Dickinson Street from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. This will allow guests to sample foods from a wide variety of restaurants and bars. All this will take place while checking out other retailers and being entertained with live music and other activities.

My good friend and neighbor Adam Leiter is the current executive director of East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District. It is his hard work and creativity that brings us so many great outdoor events that highlight the variety of businesses along our amazing commercial thoroughfare on the east side of Broad Street. Sometimes, the events are just for entertainment and socializing like musical performances at the Singing Fountain. It is all good.

Thanks also to Zimmaro’s thorough report, we can plan which businesses for food, drink or retail services we wish to visit that day. Thanks again to Adam Leiter, we will also have live entertainment at different locations. I especially want to visit the Singing Fountain at East Passyunk and Tasker, where bands perform for all kinds of occasions.

Residents of this vibrant neighborhood are so fortunate to have the East Passyunk Avenue Business District and its present director, Adam Leiter, to enrich our experiences with food, drink, entertainment and camaraderie. Let’s hope it remains a vital influence on our community. So mark your calendars for Sunday, April 30, for a day of eating, shopping and fun.

Gloria C. Endres