Letter to the Editor

Art can inspire change

As an educator, parent and grandmother, it was gratifying to read Mark Zimmaro’s report on the proposed dedication of the latest project by Mural Arts of Philadelphia in honor of Philabundance (“Mural coming to Philabundance,” Aug. 9). I could not agree more with designer Calo Rosa on the value of art to illuminate and increase understanding of all kinds of ideas, including the issue of hunger, in order to inspire change.

Art in all its forms is indeed the best tool for educating anyone for a better grasp of often difficult concepts. Murals are incredibly powerful tools for change. And so are music, sculpture, performance art, painting and over a dozen other forms of creativity.

As a teacher I applied many of these arts to the classroom. Once, for example, during a science class, we captured a real sunbeam from an open window, refracted and reflected it as a rainbow on the classroom ceiling. The students then used plain paper and crayons to copy the colors. They knew they were drawing an accurate picture of a real rainbow. It was an unforgettable experience for all.

I could go on all day. We teach preschoolers like my grandson to sing the alphabet song to keep the letters in order. We use nursery rhymes to stimulate their imagination. We apply all the senses to creative learning. That is how it should be.

So kudos to Mural Arts of Philadelphia for completing this wonderful project to inspire support for the Philabundance food bank and its mission to end hunger.

Gloria C. Endres