Chef Liz Grothe’s Scampi Poised to Elevate Philly’s Culinary Scene in Queen Village

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Liz Grothe, celebrated chef of the Couch Cafe supper club, is set to open her new restaurant, Scampi, in Queen Village.

This follows the closure of Neighborhood Ramen, providing a fresh, innovative space for food enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liz Grothe will take over the Neighborhood Ramen space at 617 S. Third St. and will open her new restaurant, Scampi, in August 2024.
  • Grothe started the Couch Cafe in her apartment, gaining a strong following with her dynamic menus and unique dining experience.
  • The upcoming Scampi will maintain the essence of Couch Cafe with a prix fixe menu, fresh monthly themes, and an engaging atmosphere.

Liz Grothe’s Culinary Journey from Couch Cafe to Scampi

Liz Grothe, renowned for her unique supper club Couch Cafe, is ready to move from her apartment in Northern Liberties to a more permanent venue in Queen Village.

This change happened after Neighborhood Ramen, a well-loved Philadelphia restaurant, said it would close.

This news made Grothe decide quickly to take over that space. “I immediately said, ‘I want that space,’” Grothe shared, showing deep respect for Neighborhood Ramen’s owners, Jesse Pryor and Lindsay Steigerwald.

Scampi’s Fresh Menu and Unique Style

Scheduled to open in August 2024, Scampi will bring a fresh take on the supper club idea. Grothe plans to serve a set menu with two meal times each night from Thursday to Sunday, featuring a menu that changes often.

Highlights of the new place include a shiny rose gold shrimp-shaped disco ball and a saved wall painting from Neighborhood Ramen as a tribute to its past.

Grothe wants to offer a varied eating experience, saying, “Scampi isn’t going to be a place where you can go order the same cutlet and the same pasta every time.

Couch Cafe’s Legacy Evolves with Scampi’s Exciting Flavors

Thinking back on her start with Couch Cafe, Grothe mentioned that the pop-up began in 2022 as a break from her regular job.

It quickly became a popular place to eat in Philly, famous for its fun and special theme nights, such as Oklahoma Night and Spaghetti Western.

The new Scampi will continue offering these adventurous and theme-based dining experiences with more space and better kitchen equipment.

“This is my new house,” Grothe said, excited about moving from four regular kitchen burners to six professional burners, which will give her more freedom to create new dishes.