Letter to the Editor

Best wishes to Cardella

Like most regular readers of the South Philly Review, I have enjoyed following the weekly columns by career opinion writer Tom Cardella. I have even had some fun sparring with him on such topics as reproductive choice and public education. We sometimes have differences of opinion, but it is always good to exchange ideas.

Well, for the last several weeks, Cardella’s columns have been missing from the Review. Friends have asked me if I know what happened. I even wrote to the editor to find out. I was informed that Cardella needed hospital treatment after a fall. Of course, I wish him well. Everyone does.

Then it made me happy to learn that Cardella is back at least for now. I expect to read his column in this week’s paper. I pray that his health continues to improve. The South Philly Review is not the same without Tom Cardella.

Please continue to get well, Tom, and stay in contact with the Review. Your fans are all rooting for you.

Gloria C. Endres