Letters to the Editor

Art can inspire change

As a retired teacher with strong memories of using art, including murals, to enhance student understanding of subjects like science, I was very impressed by Mark Zimmaro’s report on the newly completed mural at Philabundance’s Hunger Relief Center (“Philabundance now has a mural,” Sept. 13).

As the piece emphasizes, the giant outdoor mural is a vivid depiction of the essential goals of this organization. Their ultimate mission, according to Loree Jones Brown, CEO of Philabundance, is, “ … to create hunger-free communities today while working to end hunger for good.”

It was indeed inspiring to read how Philabundance partnered with Mural Arts Philadelphia, which, according to its executive director, Jane Golden, helped enhance the ultimate mission to end food insecurity by inspiring the community to get involved. The brilliant mural designed by artist Calo Rosa is intended to do just that.

So, we should all be grateful to the South Philly Review and reporter Mark Zimmaro for calling our attention to this brilliant work of art and its profound message that art can inspire many things, including lifesaving change.

Gloria C. Endres

The benefits of a Millennial running for president

2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has good ideas for America. His goals for wanting to restore economic growth and restore national pride in the next generation are a positive message for voters.

Putting aside the political banter, presidential candidate Vivek seems he would be fair on both sides of the Democratic and Republican political parties.

Ramaswamy being in the Millennial age group generation does help because of creating insightful new ideas that the White House can put forward into consideration.

In today’s time, having a Millennial run for president of the United States is a great thing to witness.

Alim Howell