Bruno is a champ

Bruno is a sweet year-old pitty who came to Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary in sad shape last fall from Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control. He was scared and emaciated, with deep wounds on his legs that aligned with being tied down. He was diagnosed with malnutrition, dog-fighting disease and a heart murmur.

Bruno has gained 30-plus pounds, his wounds have healed and the heart murmur is barely detected. He was recently neutered. His future fur parents will need to ensure their vet knows of his previous diagnosis and continue with flea/tick preventative care.

Bruno would love a doggy companion who can match his energy level and play with him.

Bruno sometimes needs a slow introduction to meet new people.

Bruno would love an active family. He loves to chase balls and carry around squeaky toys. He rides perfectly in the car, and has done well on long trips. He doesn’t beg for food while you’re eating and could take or leave treats.

Bruno would be best set up for success with no cats or young children.

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