Pennsylvania Elections: Delaware’s Gov. John Carney Eyes Wilmington Mayoral Seat

Pennsylvania Elections

Delaware Governor John Carney announces his candidacy for Mayor of Wilmington. Following a successful tenure as governor, he will focus on continuing his investment and development efforts in the city.

Key Takeaways:

  • John Carney, Governor of Delaware, officially enters the Wilmington mayoral race.
  • Carney’s campaign emphasizes investment in public schools, affordable housing, and support for small businesses.
  • The announcement comes as Carney is term-limited as governor and following current Mayor Mike Purzycki’s decision not to seek re-election.

How Has Governor John Carney Contributed to Wilmington During His Tenure?

On April 29, 2024, John Carney, the Democratic Governor of Delaware, said he wanted to run for mayor of Wilmington after he finished his time as governor.

Carney talked about how much he had done for Wilmington as governor.

During my seven years as Governor, we’ve invested more in the City of Wilmington than any administration that came before us,” Carney declared.

He explained how his team worked on creating jobs, greatly improving affordable housing, expanding the Port of Wilmington, and building the city’s first new public school in 50 years.

What Priorities Does Carney Plan to Maintain as Mayor?

Emphasizing continuity, Carney outlined his vision for Wilmington’s future, which revolves around maintaining his gubernatorial priorities on a city scale.

He articulated his commitment to working with state officials and local leaders to bolster public education in city schools and expand affordable housing options.

I will invest in small and minority-owned businesses across the city. And as we’ve done at the state level, I will protect taxpayer dollars and make sure the city has a strong, sustainable financial position,” Carney stated.

His agenda also includes enhancing public safety and addressing the problem of homelessness.

Carney and Jones-Potter Compete for Wilmington Mayor

So far, Velda Jones-Potter, another Democrat who used to be the state treasurer, is the only other person who has said they are running for mayor.

The announcement of Carney’s candidacy follows Wilmington’s incumbent Mayor, Mike Purzycki, ‘s declaration in October 2023 that he would not seek a third term.

Purzycki shared his choice in a sincere letter to the community, saying it was the right thing to do even though it was a tough decision.

Carney Launches Mayoral Campaign Amid Protests

The campaign for the Wilmington mayoralty officially began with Carney filing his candidacy with the Delaware Department of Elections, followed by a formal announcement at an event held at Delaware Technical Community College’s Orlando J. George, Jr. campus.

The event, underscored by Carney’s resolve to continue focusing on important city issues, was briefly disrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters.

The protesters were escorted out peacefully as attendees responded with a rendition of “God Bless America.”

As the primary election approaches in September, Governor John Carney’s shift from leading a state of over a million people to potentially governing a city of less than 72,000 residents. This move highlights his commitment to focusing on Wilmington’s specific needs.