Letters to the Editor

Fighting cancer takes funds

As a cancer survivor, it was heartening to read Mark Zimmaro’s report on a special fundraiser scheduled during “A Day at the Phillies” at Citizens Bank Park on Aug. 13 (“Watch the Phils, help brain cancer charities,” July 12).

The sponsors of this event are the Darren Daulton Foundation and the Tug McGraw Foundation, named after two brave Phillies players, who died from brain cancer. Their goal is to raise funds to support those suffering from similar battles with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of the disease.

Battling any form of cancer is no fun and not cheap. The form that took these heroic baseball players is especially difficult to treat. The plan now is to apply part of the game ticket price to benefit both charities in honor of Daulton and McGraw.

So, much luck to this important fundraiser during the Aug. 13 game between the Phillies and the Minnesota Twins. Thanks to Mark Zimmaro for reporting on this special charity.

Gloria C. Endres

Forgive student debt

The Supreme Court issued a decision blocking all citizens from moving forward with the one-time student debt relief plan.

Student loan debt relief is another major problem within our country. The Supreme Court denying loan forgiveness puts a numerous amount of citizens still in a debt crisis.

It is a good thing that going forward, the federal government will continue looking at proposals to reduce this debt burden and reform the higher education system during this stressful process. Advocating for a comprehensive package of higher education reforms that would make higher education more accessible and affordable.

In addition, supporting the Biden administration’s actions to reform our existing student loan repayment system by proposing a more generous, income-driven repayment plan and enhancing the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Student debt should be forgiven for all. Also college should be much more affordable in today’s climate.

Alim Howell