Letters to the Editor

Stop violent crime

Our next mayor, whether it be Cherelle Parker or David Oh, needs to put a real stop to the gun violence killings and lower the crime rate while also putting in a real effort to remove illegal guns off the streets.

Whoever is chosen after the 2023 Philadelphia mayoral election in November should have a lot of resources, resolutions and plans in solving this major violence and crime crisis that is ongoing throughout our beloved city.

After reviewing mayor nominees Cherelle Parker and David Oh campaign websites, they both have good plans for the future of Philadelphia public safety and lowering crime. Also having a plan in place for a collaborative effort with the Philadelphia Police Department to reduce the gun violence and crime.

Methods that stood out on Parker’s website were investing more in community engagement to address long-term issues that lead to a rise in crime and hiring 300 additional foot and bike patrol officers to walk a beat in every neighborhood of the city, getting to know the community they’re sworn to protect and serving without any tolerance for misuse or abuse of their power.

Ideas that stood out on Oh’s website were regular patrolling and a visible presence from courteous, well-trained and responsive law enforcement personnel with a focus on crime hot spots; a strategy of community-oriented policing based on a partnership between stakeholders and law enforcement that ensures a focused public service approach to peacekeeping; and using all means available to increase the number of sworn officers.

Hopefully, Cherelle Parker or David Oh can put a stop to this crime crisis.

Alim Howell

Assuring safe school transportation

As a retired teacher, whose last assignment was the William H. Meredith Elementary School in Queen Village, I was fascinated by Mark Zimmaro’s report about the city’s 2023 Walk and Roll to School Day on Oct. 4 (“2 local schools walk, roll to class,” Oct. 11). What a splendid idea to provide safe pedestrian and bicycle routes to and from school! Better than cars everywhere.

The article describes participation by 2 Queen Village schools, Meredith and George W. Nebinger Elementary School, in a day of safety education while walking or biking to school. Thanks to the city’s Safe Schools Philly program for organizing it.

This was all welcome news to me since I retired from the school district just before these events were started by the National Center for Safe Routes to School in all 50 states about 25 years ago.

It gives me hope for the world to read such news that not only are events like these improving the safety of students on their way to and from school, but are helping the environment.

I was also very happy to read that the city streets department is planning to install speed cushions near every school to improve safety for all city children. Even with crossing guards, many children have to take hazardous routes to school. All these programs and events are directed at assuring a safe form of transportation. I am betting it will also improve attendance.

Gloria C. Endres