Letters to the Editor

Solutions needed for violent crime

With the Philadelphia International Airport gunfire that happened inside terminals D and E parking garage on Thursday, Oct. 12, which involved Philadelphia Police Officer Richard Mendez’s fatal shooting and Officer Raúl Ortíz’s injuries, is continuously ongoing sorrow for the city of Philadelphia. Gun violence is still rampant and needs to be stopped.

Things have gotten so outrageous that the police are being shot atrociously. Less horrific controversy with police and more support for police officers needs to take effect for the future of Philadelphia. Crime happens everywhere but our lawmakers and law enforcement need to find workable solutions to decrease crime and reduce violence from happening again and again frequently.

Alim Howell

Spectacular mural

As the widow of a Korean War veteran, I was heartened to read the article by Mark Zimmaro on the recent completion of a mural dedicated to all American veterans (“New mural honors veterans,” Oct. 18).

The article depicts the dedication of the McGinty family to supporting American veterans with a building, AMVET Post 148, providing them with a place to hang out for free. Now they have added a spectacular mural to its outside wall honoring all American veterans.

This piece reminded me of an op-ed I wrote for the Review back in May of 2017, “War and Remembrance: The Meaning of Sacrifice.” It was a special Memorial Day tribute to my late husband Stanley J. Endres, who, like the father of Jim and Joe McGinty, was a veteran of the Korean War.

The op-ed was even illustrated with a photo of Stanley in his uniform. He was only 18 when he was sent into battle as a medic to rescue wounded soldiers. He was even wounded by “friendly fire.”

The point of my piece was that, while we have two separate holidays to honor those who were killed in battle, Memorial Day, and those who survived, Veterans Day, we should recognize that no combat veteran returns unscathed. The traumatic effects of battle continue to affect most veterans the rest of their lives. They have a term for this suffering: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

So, I want to thank the McGinty brothers for all the services they provide veterans as well as this beautiful mural to honor their sacrifices. I salute them.

Gloria C. Endres