Letters to the Editor

Promoting America’s pastime

As the grandmother of a very athletic pre-K boy, it was fun to read Mark Zimmaro’s report about a special event held on July 11 for children 12 and under at Citizens Bank Park (“Wiffle ball for kids at Citizens Bank Park,” July 19).

According to the report, this unique occasion was part of a program, sponsored by Major League Baseball, that offers opportunities for inner-city young children to experience field sports like baseball and softball.

The wiffle ball event was just one of many such activities encouraged by RBI Kids or Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities to encourage interest and participation in these sports.

I cannot imagine my active sports-minded grandson not participating in America’s pastime. He has already had this experience. Am so glad to see a program like RBI making the same sports available to children from underserved neighborhoods. Bravo!

Gloria C. Endres

End the war

The Russian Ukrainian War is an ongoing international conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The start date of the war began in February 2014. The primary locations are Ukraine, Crimean Peninsula, Eastern Ukraine, Kherson Oblast, Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Republic of Crimea.

This war is affecting our world globally and has been ongoing for almost a decade now.

Consequences of the war in Ukraine is giving the United States an economic fallout such as inflation in prices. Rising prices and disrupted supply and demand chains should come to an end, so certain things, such as gas prices and groceries, will not be at a higher cost rate.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin alongside President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy should come together with their cabinet staff members to come to a resolution on putting this war to an end once and for all. So the economy globally will be in better shape with an increase in economic growth than before the war started.

Alim Howell