Letters to the Editor

Good work by Toyota, Philabundance

It was so uplifting to read Mark Zimmaro’s report on the generous donation by Tri-State Toyota Dealers Association to South Philly-based hunger relief organization Philabundance (“Toyota makes big food donation to Philabundance,” Feb. 8).

According to Zimmaro, this is now an annual event and includes dozens of Toyota dealers and business partners. They even use Toyota trucks to deliver tons of food to the Philabundance warehouse in North Philadelphia.

As South Philadelphians, we should be so proud to have this wonderful food supplier based in our neighborhood, doing their best to relieve hunger for thousands of needy people including children. What an accomplishment!

And extreme thanks and praise to Toyota for organizing this lifesaving Toyota Tundra Food Drive every year. Bravo to all who are involved. And special bravo to Mark Zimmaro for bringing it to our attention.

Gloria C. Endres

Preserve green space at FDR Park

As the pandemic made abundantly clear, Philadelphia’s parks are among the city’s greatest assets. The newly wild and open meadows in FDR Park are an especially unique treasure. In an attempt to prioritize profits over people and the planet, however, the city wants to pave over this amazing green space with athletic facilities when such amenities already exist nearby. This, coupled with the complete disregard for community input that was demonstrated at a “public” meeting a few weeks ago, is not indicative of a city government that cares about its people. This shortsighted proposal would do irreparable harm to a park beloved by residents from all over the city and furthermore is completely misaligned with efforts to impede climate change. The park is not for sale and it is time for city government to reconsider its master plan and include its constituents in decisions that directly affect them.

Beatrice Zovich

Fight drug crime and gun violence

In our 2020 decade era, drug crime and gun violence have been extremely high. The City of Philadelphia has to be committed to fighting the dangers that are caused by drug substance abuse and gun violence in our communities. However, to be successful in this battle, we need the help and assistance of all members of our community. Especially in particular our political leaders including state representatives, senators, Congress representatives, plus governor.

The first step we all must take is educating ourselves on what it is we are fighting against and what we can do as residents to help prevent the drug epidemic and gun violence crisis.

Gun control is on the federal and the state level of government. States can legislate gun control that doesn’t affect the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Meaning states can utilize legislation for their own state with background checks and things of that nature to control gun violence. The legislative, executive and judicial level branches of the federal government can control obtaining firearms.

At the federal level, most of the issues are found. Some acts or bills can be passed through the U.S. House and Senate. They have the power to pass legislation on controlling the drug epidemic and gun violence crisis.

Hopefully new laws and more programs are implemented through the government system in putting an end to this drug epidemic gun violence crisis.

Alim Howell